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What we offer

  • PCB design

    Production of electronic schematics and PCB designs incl. 3D visualization. Focusing on extreme conditions devices (capable working in extreme temperatures, vacuum, dusty environments, radiation, etc.).

  • PCB assembly

    Sub-millimeter soldering precision (using soldering microscopes), focusing on SMD / MEMS devices, post-soldering X-ray inspection.

  • Microcontroller programming

    ANSI C and MISRA C language (preferred platforms: STM32, MSP430, ARM Cortex), low power optimalisation, development of drivers for peripheral devices.

  • RF engineering

    Designing of custom antennas to match special requirements, incl. embedded antennas, EMC compatibility testing, development of custom radiocommunication protocols.

  • 3D mechanical design and material engineering

    CAD design using SolidEdge software, development of enclosures for electrotechnical devices, production of mechanical prototypes.

  • FPGA programming

    We offer also the development of specialised FPGA (field-programmable gate array) circuits to tailor the solution to your needs.

  • IoT devices

    Be it Bluetooth (star or even mesh!), LoRaWAN, Sigfox or NB-IOT, or engineers are ready to develop a tailor-made IoT device for you.

  • Embedded systems

    Programming of embedded control units.

  • Harsh environmental conditions testing

    Vacuum outgassing tests, centripetal G testing, harmonic and random vibration testing, shock testing.

  • GNSS applications

    Specialised in Galileo – the European satellite navigation system. We have been the first company to derive accurate Galileo-position while driving a car.

  • UAV design

    Advanced unmanned aerial vehicles. We offer propulsion calculations, electrical and mechanical design, safety parachutes, custom sensors, custom gimbals.

  • Process & Control

    Process control technology and automation solutions. Real-time signal processing and process control for industrial process automation improve existing processes or eliminate bottlenecks.

  • Web-based cloud applications

    A robust web service needs a wide range of technologies. Ranging from SQL databases (MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch), through business logic (php, java) all the way to UI (HTML 5/Sass/javascript/jQuery/Bootstrap), responsive and modern web pages are always needed.

  • Mobile applications

    Be it Android or iOS, we design and develop native mobile applications not only with fancy UX/UI capable to utilize all your phone’s sensors (Bluetooth, accelerometers, etc).

picture Your project in space quality

Your project in space quality

Experienced team of electronic engineers.